June 12, 2023

Alumni: Smiles all around for Lottie

So many opportunities are available to students when they leave The Castle Rock School; the world is their oyster.

So often they are told to follow their passions and to work in a sector they love, whether that be teaching, the arts, sport or the media.
For former pupil Lottie, though, her passion was a unique one; her passion was dentistry.

She received a commendable set of GCSE results before moving up the Sixth Form, opting to study Biology, Chemistry, History and Maths.

It was at this point that a career in dentistry was her aim. Aided by her Head Of Sixth Form, Lottie enrolled on the Sutton Trust Summer School programme, an initiative that guaranteed her an interview for dental school, thus increasing her changes of acceptance.

After leaving The Castle Rock Sixth Form, Lottie made the move up north, choosing to study Dentistry at Newcastle University.

She certainly sunk her teeth into the sizeable challenges that university so often brings, graduating with Honours. Lottie even ranked within the top 300 final year students on her course.

Lottie’s lofty position meant that she was in prime position to land a top graduate job in Loughborough.

That experience proved invaluable and equipped her with a broad range of skills that she has gone on to utilise at both the NHS and also private dental practices.

Lottie was full of praise for the pivotal role The Castle Rock Sixth form played in her career:

“I absolutely loved my time at Sixth Form,” she said, “I had so much fun and felt supported by the staff and students.

“My History and Chemistry lessons were my favourite and my friends from Sixth Form are friends for life.”